Are you one of those independent, free-spirits who has taken on remote or freelance work? Are you finding it difficult to be your creative self, whilst cooped up at home whist you work remotely? Well, we have the solution. Due to the rise in freelance and remote work (working from home), there are many places where you can go to get your work done, instead of driving yourself crazy by constantly being in your home.


The first place that many freelancers, writers, and remote workers think of is cafes, and with good reason. Many cafes or coffee shops provide just what an independent worker needs: coffee, food, a table, free WiFi, and a comfy chair. Many freelancers work in cafes, so you never know, you may find a new friend who frequents that same café as you. Similarly, people have been known to find business opportunities from being out in a café as they work remotely, especially if it’s in a central location. Quirky, popular-with-freelancers cafes and coffee shops in London for you to try when you work remotely, include:

  • CoffeeWorksProject in North London
  • Cream in East London
  • Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in Central London
  • Husk Coffee and Creative Space in East London
  • Park Theatre Café and Bar in North London
  • Flat Planet in Central London
  • The Riding House Café in Greater London
  • Hubbard and Bell in Central London
  • Escape the Daily Grind in South London
  • Bloomsbury Coffeehouse in North London
  • Tamp Coffee and Tapas in West London


Another wonderful location to sit and complete some work is a park. The greenery and sun make for a wonderful, healthy office space. In the spring or summer, there is no better place to work remotely as a freelancer or remote worker than in a park. Get your dose of vitamin D whilst out in the great outdoors. Parks bring a considerable number of benefits: gets you outdoors; brings you closer to others; change of scenery from indoor working; fresh air; sunlight; meet new people; be at one with nature; and much more. Not all parks are loud and filled with kids, it’s just about finding the spot for you. Whether it’s under an oak tree, at a park bench, by a statue, or on a picnic blanket, we’re sure the park will make for an excellent makeshift office space.

Some excellent parks to try in London:

  • Postman’s Park
  • Regent’s Park
  • Hampstead Heath Ponds
  • James’ Park
  • Richmond Park
  • Hyde Park

Work Hubs

Co-working spaces have become popular due to the rise in freelancers, entrepreneurs and work from home workers. These work hubs make for excellent spaces that induce hard work and networking. We know that freelancers want to escape the office life, but having the flexibility to have an office/work space if and when you need one is really useful. These co-working spaces are perfect for those who want to get their work done in an encouraging, work-inducing environment. Other workers will be there alongside you, all with the aim to do their own projects. However, this isn’t to say you can’t have a chat or two if you wish – just be sure not to interrupt anyone who doesn’t want to be interrupted.

Some sites to try to find your ideal work hub, co-working space are:

  • Dek Catford
  • ShareADesk – a co-working space, business centre, or shared office space; rent by the hour, day, or month
  • Central Working (Manchester)
  • Launch22 (Liverpool)
  • Duke Studios (Leeds)
  • Union St. (Sheffield)
  • The Loft (Birmingham)
  • Mild Brunch (Bristol)
  • And many more to choose from throughout the UK

Desk Rental

Similarly, you can simply rent a desk, office space, or meeting room as needed from the following sites, that provide spaces throughout the UK that make for wonderful work environments:

  • DeskCamping – rent desk space as needed
  • Breather – no commitment rentals, global spaces, and a variety of spaces


Another pretty obvious place to kick-back and do you work is a library. Libraries make for excellent work spaces because there is a universally understood rule that you need to be quiet in a library! This means you can find the quiet to get your work done. Most libraries will have desks, sofas, or booths that you can station yourself in to complete a project. Freelancers are always found in libraries, especially people who will also make use of the books provided. If you’re lucky, your library may even have a café for you to replenish yourself in throughout the day.


The last key location not to be missed is the good old bookstore. Bookstores are great places to work from as a creative person because just like a library, you will be surrounded by quiet readers and an abundance of book resources at hand. They will often have desks and sofas for you to settle into for an hour or two to get your work done. Check out your local bookstores to find your space.

Other places to work remotely

Some local gems that are brilliant to work remotely in London are:

  • The Canvas – in Shoreditch, provides a positive thinking work space for freelancers and artists
  • Drink, Shop, Do – in King’s Cross, provides a space for you to do your work whilst fun activities are available around you like quizzes or temporary tattoos
  • The Peckham Pelican – in Peckham, is provides a creative, networking space for artists and also offers space for art exhibitions

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