We all love a good slice of bread. Bread has become such an important part of many of our lives, that perhaps we forget just how incredible it is. It would be a shame not to appreciate the art of bread, and so we’re reminding you why it is so great. Artisan bakeries are preserving the art that is breadmaking. Artisan bakeries ensure that their bread is of top quality, made and shaped to winning standards.

The Art of Bread

Bread is a unique food, because it can go with so many things, create entirely new things, or be enjoyed on its own. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day, too. And there are so many different types of bread, like: white bread, bagel bread, flat bread, pizza, baguettes, corn bread, wholemeal bread, naan bread, tortillas, fruit bread and many more!

These breads vary around the world, and that in itself is a beautiful concept. But, perhaps, there is nothing better than getting a fresh loaf of bread or a breadstick from your local bakery.

Why shop at your local bakery?

Whether it’s an artisan bakery, a delicatessen, a patisserie, or your local bakery, we believe there is no better way to enjoy your bread than to shop local and independent. Here’s why it is a good idea to find bakeries near you:

Fresh Bread

Supermarket bread isn’t fresh and has most likely travelled to get there. However, at a local bakery, you are getting freshly made bread. They will make it by hand and in the right conditions, not in mass production, cutting-corners factories. This will give your bread a very special taste that is unmatched.

Friendly Faces

These days, we’re all too busy, or on our phones too much, to simply have a conversation; but this is an important part of our existence and shouldn’t be ditched. When it comes to a supermarket, you aren’t able to do this so easily. There’s too much going on. However, at a simple bakery near your home, you can get to know the workers or the owners of the bakery.


When you shop in a local bakery, you are likely to get more of what you want. Instead of endless shelves of various brands, you can instead get top quality, fresh bread of varying shapes and sizes from your local shop. Plus, if you have made friends with the owners, they may even make you something special.


Independent bakeries give the owners the freedom to be as creative as they like with their bread and other delicacies. There are all kinds of independent bakeries that you can go to in order to taste some unique recipes and shapes. These artists will experiment with new ideas that turn out to be revolutionary!

Some awesome bakeries to try in London are:

Dominique Ansel, Elizabeth Street

Dominique Ansel

(Image credit: Instagram – dominiqueansel)

Bread AheadCathedral Street

Bread Ahead

(Image credit: Instagram – breadaheadbakery)

Brickhouse, East Dulwich


(Image credit: Instagram – brickhousebread)

Vivo TasteIslington

Vivo Taste

(Image credit: Instagram – vivotaste)

St. John’s Bakery, Druid Street

St John's Bakery

(Image credit: Instagram – st.john.restaurant)

MoBa, Goodge Street


Allergies and Preferences

Much like the above, there are many bakeries that specify in vegan food, vegetarian, gluten-free, and much more. It is becoming very popular to eat this way even if you don’t have an allergy, and so bakeries are popping up all over that accommodate to the needs and wants of these people.


It is good for your community for more people to shop in local bakeries and delicatessens. This will help their business, as well as put more money into our economy in the UK. Not only that, but you will be able to get to know your local community better by shopping local and independently.

Do yourself and your community a favour and start shopping at your local bakery. You will find a taste like no other, and experience bread as if for the first time. Delicatessens, patisseries, artisan bakeries, and independent bakeries will become a gold-mine for you because once you’ve experienced the taste of fresh and new breads, you won’t be able to go back to the supermarket!


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