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Take control of your listing on Blinxter.

We want to promote local business in your high street and re-invent the business directory.

To do this we need the help of the people and businesses that join our community.

We've loads of ideas that would help small businesses compete on a larger scale.

Please get involved and let us know what you think would benefit your business, and we'll prioritise those features.

How to get your business on Blinxter

Search for your business


The first thing you need to do is search for it. We have over three million businesses already, so chances are, yours could be in there.

If you find it, great! Simply click the "Claim this business" button and follow the instructions.

Once we've approved your claim, you can start updating it.

If you've not signed in and created a user account yet, Click here to that first.

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Adding a new business


If you have a new business or start-up, or simply can't find your business in the directory, no problem.

Simply go to the "Add a Business" form, and fill it in.

If you already have a presence on Facebook, Yelp or TripAdvisor, you can just add the URL of that page and we will do some of the hard work for you by importing the data.

Once the form is complete and we've approved the business, you're good to go.

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