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We’re working on great features for small businesses.

We're working on some features for small businesses. You can get involved by helping us know what it is that your businesses would benefit from the most.

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What we're working on

Connection & Contacts


When you're running a business it's important to grow your network, as finding cheaper supply and increasing your demand can do wonders for your revenue.

We're working on new ways of introducing you to valuable business contacts, expanding your supply chain options and growing your customer base.




Everyone wants a good deal when shopping, or eating out, and we want to help high street businesses of all types to attract more customers.

Businesses on our platform can create offers, vouchers and coupons to share on our website and social media.

Customers and businesses will be able to browse, redeem and share the special deals you create.


Booking an appointment or finding a service should be easy. But sometimes it's not.

You search and view lots of websites, read reviews and make phone calls only to find that your choice is too busy, and you have to start again.

We want to help customers search all possible providers and view their availability in one go. Pick a time and make a booking. Seamlessly managed and approved by the business.




Our multi-vendor marketplace with allow all businesses to list their products and sell them via Blinxter.

You'll be able to set up your own online ecommerce shop in seconds and sell products direct from the platform. Plus you can manage orders & stock, payment processing, email updates and loads more features.

Best of all, there'll be no zero commission fees, zero listing fees and unlimited listings. Just a simple monthly or annual subscription.

Vouchers, Loyalty & Rewards


The best customer is a returning customer, and that is even more true in small high street communities.

We want to help businesses reward their customers, and get new ones by helping you create offers, rewards and loyalty schemes.

Use Blinxter to create offers and publish them to our location based offers directory. Think Groupon but without the high commission fees.

We're also partnering with LoLo Rewards to help bring loyalty to your high street store.


Jobs & Recruitment


Small businesses provide over sixteen million jobs in the UK, that is over sixty percent of all jobs. And we don't want that to change.

That's why we're working on tools that let businesses post jobs for free, with no recruitment fees and no finders fees.

You shouldn't have to pay to get the people you need. And we want to help you find the right people to help your business grow.



If you've ever needed goods or services, then you've likely spent lots time researching and contacting suppliers. It can be painful and time consuming.

Yet large companies and governments can put out a tender and invite people to bid on various platforms.

We are working on a platform that allows both consumers and business to list their requirements, and allow providers to come to them.

Weather its a business re-brand, a new stock supplier or 100 wedding invites, you'll be able to advertise and buy the best supply form Blinxter Tenders.


Help us Help Your High Street


All the products and ideas we have come from our own experiences of running small businesses. It's a tough job.

Our goal is to make that job easier for you so that your business can thrive, and our high streets survive.

If you're interested in any of the future tools listed here, or want to have your say on what you need as a small business owner, please do get in touch.

Join us on social media to find the best local businesses by tagging them with the hashtag #localbusinesshero.

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